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 Project "Identity Crisis" base (TA-05 Ver.2)

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PostSubject: Project "Identity Crisis" base (TA-05 Ver.2)   Thu May 05, 2011 1:38 am

Well this is my work log of my new Chassis.
Plans: Making a Drift and Race Chassis
Goals: Light Weight, Share common replaceable parts, Upgrade Weak Spots right from the start, Replace some Plastic parts Not all....

-Screws: Using Dubro, Traxxas, Comon Local Hardware Store Screws,
-Using parts that alot of models share TA05 v2, TA05 v1, TA05 IFS, 416, 417
-Being able to use shims and spacers Washers from other cars such as Team Magic TC5 6 and others aka Universal Hobby/Hardware Parts
-Replace Weak Parts such as Easy strippable BulkHead With Alu ones
-Replace Heavy Plastic Parts with Carbon Fiber Parts
-Replace Breakable Plastic Parts with Carbon Fiber
-Keep some plastic for Flex and Weight.

We are Starting off with a EX05 Chassis by Exotek

Using the Stock Motor Mount for now until i get my Alu Version in.

Protecting the under chassis with Vinyl from the start. Its Wrap Vinyl so its thin for my first layer.
Since i want to add more Sticker to the bottom but dont wanna thicken it up from the start.
Also this layer makes it easy to remove whatever i will plaster on later.

Since my metal Bulk Heads haven arrived using again stock parts for Mock up

Plans are to change 37t Diff into 36t Diff and the 114t belts into 113t Belts all items came from TA05 IFS or V1 or other Tamiya cars.
Result is to drop my internal drive ratio to 2.0 i believe Its for easier calculations of my internal ratio and it should have a faster internal

Added the arms and some suspension parts. At this point i also did not use any Philips screws from the start.
All screws have been replaced into Metric Hex hardware.

The only screw i have been using that are actually from the kit are set screws LOL bc they are already metric hex

Added Sticker from companies i have already used parts from.

My First shipment came in, this has the new Bulk Head made by 3RAcing. I originally wanted the Tamiya kind but at 60 USD shipped it was way too expensive, so these will do for now. (If you have the IFS TA05 Bulk Heads front and ta05 rear metal bulk head for sale by tamiya please contact me)

I am not waiting on rear Bulk heads by 3racing and my diffs. Also need to wait for my Alu Motor mount.

This time the motor mount Full Alu to replace casted item.

Had to change Springs since the Stock White ones weren't giving me my correct set up.
Rear Silver Team Magic Springs, Fronts are Heavy JRX-S Losi Springs.
ESC will be a Team Powers Sports ESC, Motor wise I am hoping to get a different one so i can use this one in my Pan-car.

More Pics Coming Soon !!! Damn Orders and Shipping delay !!!
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PostSubject: Re: Project "Identity Crisis" base (TA-05 Ver.2)   Thu May 05, 2011 2:28 pm

That is some sweet bling mang.
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PostSubject: Re: Project "Identity Crisis" base (TA-05 Ver.2)   Fri May 06, 2011 10:31 am

I saw the "Franken-Beast" at the track yesterday. Andreas finished putting the electronics in at the track and put a crazy fast steering servo in. The car looks really good. Very cool design.
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PostSubject: Re: Project "Identity Crisis" base (TA-05 Ver.2)   Sat May 07, 2011 8:40 am

That's freakin nice Andres, Looks kinda like the tigermoth but BETTER!!!!!!!!!!! lol. Good job.
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PostSubject: Re: Project "Identity Crisis" base (TA-05 Ver.2)   

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Project "Identity Crisis" base (TA-05 Ver.2)
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